Knights of the Wind: The Evil Within

Knights of the Wind: The Evil Within is a book, which is penned by R. B. Michaels. This is a fictional adventure book that features elves, orcs, dark creatures, and, of course, human beings. The story unfolds in a land that was once attacked centuries ago and now is soon to become a victim of a second round. During the first attack, the people of the area are panicking as each day passes, and the warriors are running out of a plan to decide. Just then, there is a brave knight who looks to be very promising, and possibly, their only hope. This knight was known to be Knight of the Wind. This brave knight manages to fend off and defeat some of the darkness that bothered the land. However, he was not successful only because of his braveness and combat skills. In fact, the knight had the support of the greatest wizard.

As the land gets ready to face a new enemy, they do not have the same protection as the brave knight they once had. Everyone needs a savior, and the people were desperately looking for one. With no glimmer of hope to be found any time soon, they had to use their traditional way to discover one – a knight trial tournament. However, this tournament was to be scheduled after four years. With no time left, the king decides to unite various cities and use their respective Knight Orders. But now, they also need a wizard.

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Book 2: Knights of the Wind; The Evil Within


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Why Read It?

Book 2: Knights of the Wind; The Evil Within

The book written by R. B. Michaels is one of the most awaited fictional writings of the year. With the release of the book, the readers would come to know a world that had every possible creature living in it. This fantasy is only in thoughts and imaginations, but this book brings it to life. The story will feature a wizard and knight coexisting to fight evil, but the twist occurs when they have to look for those two individuals after the successful war that happened centuries ago.

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