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The renowned fiction author of the book “The Knights of the Wind” which focuses on an amazing story consisting of pre-historical creatures.

The story is one of its kind. R. B. Michaels has truly written a masterpiece, embedding his thoughts and imagination into his book and sharing it with the world. Get a chance to win the thrilling hardback, book t-shirt, and e-book by answering a simple question.

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    Who is R. B. Michael?

    R. B Michaels, or better known as Michael R. Barbour, is a famous author who has written one of the best fiction books of the modern era. His recent work is called “Knights of the Wind.” There is no denying the fact that R. B. Michael has written one of the best masterpieces of this generation. The author is known for interestingly displaying his thoughts and imagination into a book.

    As an avid reader, Barbour was always fascinated by the world of fantasy and fiction. Fiction stories are always going to be more exciting and thrilling to read. Thousands of authors move toward this genre. They do it in order to gather and earn as many readers as possible. However, all of them are not very successful or consistent as R. B. Michaels.

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    Knights of The Wind

    The Power of The Mage

    “The Knights of the Wind: The Power of the Mage” takes you to the of world in danger, as it was a few centuries ago. A brave knight then beat the darkness, with the help of a great wizard. With the new evil on the rise, the world needs a new Knight of the Wind to defeat it. However, what they are all missing is a wizard who has the acumen as Oracon the great; the famous wizard who defeated evil centuries ago. Can a boy who has barely turned into an adult keep a secret from his family, understand his mission, and still enjoy the pleasures of young love?

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